Why Log Home Builders Are Switching To Wool Insulation

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Wool Insulation

Good Shepherd Wool Insulation now has their wool for insulating log homes in five Nations, twenty-eight States, and eleven Provinces & Territories. John Boys finished a home in Germany using our wool batts in the notches. Another builder took our wool rope to Switzerland to build a home. We also had a request from Brazil. It comes in wool rope for insulating laterals & notches; and in wool batts for notches, peak walls, attics & floors.

We started out raising sheep and wanted to do something different with our wool. We heard how it was catching on in Europe and Japan, and realized there was a need for a natural, and healthy alternative here in North America too.

Wool, however, cannot be used in its natural state or the new homeowner will have the greatest moth collection you could imagine. So all our wool insulation is treated to repel mice, moths, mildew & insects.

We can sell the rope or batts into the US for as little as $5.48US per pound, or in Canada for as low as $8.50/pound with our volume discount. The regular price is $6.45 US/pound and $10.00 Can/pound. The cost is similar to or slightly more than fiberglass but builders are reporting labor savings substantial enough to make it cheaper overall than fiberglass or emseal. That savings increases when one takes advantage of the holding strength of wool by pre-insulating the logs before moving. Additional savings on crane rental costs can be achieved this way at the building site.

Ron Lepard of Blue Trail Log Homes in Alberta tells us, “We have gained a competitive advantage by using wool insulation in the laterals and notches. Material costs are similar, labor costs drop dramatically and there is a substantial saving for crane rental costs at the building site. Now we can offer a high-health, non-carcinogenic product made entirely from renewable resources, and realize a significant decrease in our costs. We use wool exclusively in the laterals and our crew loves it. If you try it, you will like it too!”

Another builder in Quebec told us he found it cheaper and better than using emseal due to the time savings.

Roger Ellis of Nova Scotia told us what he liked about it is not having to work with fiberglass. He also said it doesn’t soak up water as the fiberglass does and there will be no glass fibers released in the finished home.

We are committed to offering excellent, same day service which has been difficult due to greater than expected demand for our product. However, we have still been able to send every order the same day that payment was received.

George Ayotte of BC thanked us for our “quick service.” Tim Bullock who was building a home in Vermont with our wool thanked us for “working so hard to make it work for them.”

For more information, a free sample or to order contact Stan Potter at 403-845-6705, or e-mail us at swpotter@ telusplanet.net.


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