Swedish Cope Log Siding: Log Home Appeal at a Fraction of the Cost

Cedar Knoll Log Homesby Ron Marx, president of Cedar Knoll Log Homes

Swedish Cope Log Siding: Log Home Appeal at a Fraction of the Cost


Log Siding Photo Every four seconds someone conducts a log home related search online. That is over 7 million online searches a year! If you are one of the millions of people who are interested in log homes, log cabins or other log structures, you may want to consider an economical alternative: Swedish Cope log siding.

Swedish Cope is a design style that uses round logs that have a concave groove removed from the bottom of each log to allow the logs to stack firmly on each other while creating an evenly spread, load-bearing, weather-tight seal. The Swedish Cope style is a favorite of traditional log home enthusiasts because it highlights the full-rounded beauty of the log timbers on both the exterior and interior of the structure. Swedish Cope log siding captures the aesthetic value of this style but because the logs are cut in half vertically, they can be applied to any walled structure (internal as well as external) to give the look of full, round logs.

Based on data provided by the Log Homes Council, there are fewer than 30,000 log homes sold annually in the US. With more than 7 million online searches a year and fewer than 30,000 log homes sold, there seems to be a big disconnect between wanting a log home and buying one. One reason for this disconnect relates to the cost of building a log home. Another factor relates to wanting the charm and rustic beauty of a log home but not wanting the design and construction limitations that are often associated with traditional log homes. Swedish Cope log siding offers a perfect solution to both of these concerns.

Log Siding Folks that want the log home look without the cost can convert their existing siding to Swedish Cope log siding complete with faux (false) corners and log cut door and window trim that completes the external appearance of an authentic log home. This also allows homeowners to maintain the creature comforts and conveniences they have become accustomed to with their frame-built interiors. For those who want a more traditional log home look, Swedish Cope log siding can be applied to interior walls as well to complete the transformation.

If this article has piqued your interest in Swedish Cope log siding, I encourage you to read the following tips for choosing a provider for your Swedish Cope log siding:

1. Seek a producer who specializes in milling log homes (such as Cedar Knoll Log Homes). Your local saw mill may be able to produce log siding for you, but you will likely encounter fewer problems dealing with a company that has experience milling log home materials.

2. Ask about custom design capabilities. Look for a company that can work with you to produce custom products that meet your specific needs. This can save you time and money while allowing you to create the one-of-a-kind home of your dreams.

3. Ask for Cedar Knoll Swedish Cope Log Siding by name. There are a multitude of other log siding styles available but few offer the distinctive look of traditional log homes and provide a weather-tight seam that virtually eliminates water seepage between logs. Cedar Knoll Swedish Cope Log Siding uses a unique shiplap joint that locks each half log to the one below and allows the siding to be applied without any visible nail heads showing. Call 800-644-3564 to speak to a Cedar Knoll Swedish Cope Log Siding specialist.

About the author: Ron Marx is president of Cedar Knoll Log Homes, a leading log home and log cabin manufacturer. Ron has more than 25 years of log home building experience. Cedar Knoll Log Homes has been designing and manufacturing custom and kit log homes and cabins since 1980. Cedar Knoll Log Homes’ corporate headquarters and 20,000 square foot state-of-the-art milling facility, along with a 1680 square foot beautifully appointed log home model, are situated just off the shores of Lake Champlain in Plattsburgh, NY. Cedar Knoll Log Homes uses only the finest Adirondack cedar and pine available and dries all its logs at the company’s onsite kiln. Prospective log home / log cabin buyers, builders, contractors, wholesalers or dealers are encouraged to call 800-644-3564 for additional information or visit www.cedarknollloghomes.com.

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