Log Home Inspection Checklist

log-optionsby: Tom Tydeman – Log Options, LLC

Log Home Inspection Checklist

Below is a log home inspection checklist that may be helpful when looking for your pre-owned log home. Ask your agent or homeowner if you can take pictures. If you have a specific concern you can email your pictures to a log professional and ask for their opinion. Once you have decided on the home you would like to buy it is advisable to have the home inspected by a qualified log home professional.
Information about the home:

  • Year Built
  • Manufacturer
  • Log Species
  • Disclosures – look for disclosures of log rot, insects, drainage…

Exterior Log Inspection:

  • Roof Line – look for sags or humps
  • Roof Condition and Age
  • Gutter Condition
  • Proper Overhang (18” or more)
  • Landscaping (12” or more from logs)
  • Ground Clearance (12” or more)
  • Deck and Deck Post Condition
  • Weathered or Darkened Logs
  • Peeling or Faded Finish
  • Green Algae, Fungi, Mold or Mildew
  • Insect Holes
  • Gaps Between Logs
  • Chinking/Caulking Condition

Interior Log Inspection:

  • Operation of Doors and Windows
  • Light or Air Infiltration Between Log Courses
  • Gaps Where Roof Sits on Log Wall
  • Gaps Around Rafters, Purlins and Ridge Beam
  • Chinking/Caulking Condition
  • Signs of Insects
  • Check Basement for Water and Mold

By following these steps you will be better prepared and more confident when making your log home buying decision.

This log home inspection checklist was provided by Tom Tydeman, Certified Log Inspector and owner of Log Options, LLC