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Log Home Secrets of SuccessLog Home Secrets of Success: An Insider’s Guide to Making Your Dream Home a Reality A savvy guide that takes you from dreaming of a log home to actually building and living comfortably in one. Industry insider Roland Sweet reveals tips and insights about the various facets of designing a log home, selecting a log-home producer, and evaluating log packages. Plus you’ll get real-world advice on calculating costs, what to look for when buying land, making energy-wise decisions, the importance of assembling a team that shares your vision, working with a builder, and much more. An invaluable resource, complete with photos, advice from log-home owners and an extensive and useful appendix.



How to Be Your Own Contractor and Save Thousands on Your New House or Renovation While Keeping Your Day JobHow to Be Your Own Contractor and Save Thousands on Your New House or Renovation While Keeping Your Day Job: With Companion CD-ROM If you’re thinking about building or remodeling your house, you should consider hiring yourself as the contractor. You can save 10% to 35% of the project’s cost and perhaps more important, you’ll be able to monitor the quality of materials and workmanship, fine-tune the design, and make sure the result meets your needs. The best part is you can do this part-time without picking up a hammer. This all sounds great, what is the catch? There really is none, except you must know what you are doing! This groundbreaking and exhaustively researched new book will provide everything you need to know to get your house or renovation completed the way you want it while saving thousands. Since your success depends on thorough preparation as well as an ability to hire and schedule subcontractors, control costs, keep work moving, and stay calm we have charted the course for you to avoid costly even illegal mistakes. In this easy to read, comprehensive new book you will learn step-by-step procedures for subcontracting and building your home or renovating while still working full time.



Build Your Own Low-Cost Log HomeBuild Your Own Low-Cost Log Home (Garden Way Publishing Classic) If you’re considering building your own log house, whether from your own logs or from a kit, this comprehensive guide has all the information you need. Roger Hard covers everything from choosing a site to planning the foundation and driveway, shaping logs, making corner joints, erecting walls, fitting joists, adding decks or porches, adding chimneys, and much more. Step-by-step illustrated instructions make the process clear and foolproof, whether you want a basic one-story structure or a more complex multi-level building.



Small Log Homes: Storybook Plans and Advice Small Log Homes: Storybook Plans and Advice Luscious photography and sage advice on realistic log-home planning. Whether you’re planning a starter home or a lifelong retreat, Small Log Homes is an indispensable idea book for planning, building, and outfitting your cabin in the woods or on the prairie.Lush photographs show how log-home owners, builders, and contractors around the country have achieved the richness and warmth of cabin living within the bounds of economy and space management. And all without feeling cramped or hamstrung.

The perfect starting point for your own cabin, fifteen plans by contractor/author Robbin Obomsawin are thoughtfully designed to help you develop and create a structure that will reflect your personal style and match your vision of the perfect log home. The result is a home that feels large but has fewer than 2,500 square feet. Practicing prudence and economy of space, her floor plans have been created to simplify life-one’s own or the comings and goings of an entire family.

As Small Log Homes inspires your own cozy log-home dreams, quality designs and d├ęcor are bound to materialize into a timeless treasure for many generations to enjoy.



 The Complete Guide to Log Homes: How to Buy, Build, and Maintain Your Dream Home The Complete Guide to Log Homes: How to Buy, Build, and Maintain Your Dream Home It’s a classic American dream: a beautiful log home nestled in the woods, standing proudly on a mountaintop, poised on a hillside, or serenely overlooking a sparkling lake or stream. If you’re looking to make this dream a reality, let seasoned professionals Clyde Cremer and Jeffrey Cremer help you navigate the often puzzling maze of buying and building a log home. With this indispensable guide, Clyde and Jeffrey advise you on every aspect of the process, from idea stage to completed project, and explains how to choose the right style of home to fit your budget and site selection. They also cover such topics as: types of wood used for log cabins, energy efficiency, estimating costs, construction concerns, log home maintenance, and much more! The Complete Guide to Log Homes gives you all the information you need to make an informed, educated decision on buying or building a log home. Take the first step today toward having the home of your dreams!



Crafting Log Homes Solar Style: An Inspiring Guide to Self-SufficiencyCrafting Log Homes Solar Style A down-to-earth guide to building solar-powered log homes, complete with how-to illustrations and photos, plus enlightening stories from log home owners across the country. Follow the authors’ journey of handcrafting an off-the-grid log home in the Colorado Rockies and discover how renewable energy is a perfect match for modern log home living, from small weekend cabins to expansive year-round homes. (The completed revised edition of Logs, Wind and Sun)



Cabin Fever: Rustic Style Comes HomeCabin Fever: Rustic Style Comes Home A log cabin in the woods is one of America’s most cherished icons — a dream shared around the world. As the stress level of city life rises, more and more of us are imagining our own cottages far away from traffic lights and urban distractions. Cabins in the wilderness have never gone out of style, because the rustic life is a simple, rewarding one rooted in the traditions of the great outdoors.

Featuring rustic interiors as well as North Woods architecture, Cabin Fever visits more than two dozen charming retreats old and new, large and small, in the mountains and along the water, from the wilds of New York out to the wild, wild West. Author Rachel Carley explains where our love for the rustic comes from and shows the amazingly varied guises in which it appears today.


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