Living Log Cabin Dream


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Wednesday January 10, 2000 4:44 PM ET
Living log cabin dream
By Carl D. Holcombe
Inman News Features

Log HomeWho didn’t dig Lincoln Logs while growing up? A pile of brown logs and green roofing boards could provide an afternoon of frontier building fun right in your living room.

As adults, now, we can take the scale of those youthful projects to a greater level by visiting the Web site, where those longing for the days of log cabin living can have their appetite satiated – and maybe even walk away with a plan, contactor and financing to build their dream log cabin home.

Registered to Ron Gibson, of Kalispell, Mt., the site delivers on the promise of its name, with links, links and more links for log cabin living.

It gets running with a state-based list of builders, manufacturers and dealers with company links – the Oregon section has nearly a dozen such companies, while Mississippi has three and New Mexico has two, for example.

There are links to rustic or log cabin furniture sites for those looking to stock their log cabin with stuff, as well as a list of maintenance Web sites to provide resources for hand-hewn oak or poplar from virgin timber, or for flooring, beams, stairs and doors.

Gibson provides links to articles written by log cabin experts, log home magazines such as “Country’s Best Log Homes” and “Log Home Living,” and books, like Rachel Carley’s “Cabin Fever: Rustic Style Comes Home.”

There are also links for various design companies, home design software such as Complete Home 4.0, timber frame home links, finding contractors such as with or, tools and hardware needs, and perhaps the most important aspect of log-home building – logs for sale.

Thirteen links are available for log-home log searchers including, which provide log dimensions, prices and wood selections.

Now, for those who want the complete log cabin experience – the sweat equity of building it themselves – there are also links for 13 log-cabin building schools, such as

the Norwegian School of Log Building,, and the Log House Builders Association of America.

The site contains at least 700 links, so log home enthusiasts have plenty of choices, tips, information and places to to window shop.

And this time with the logs, there is no mean big brother to knock it all down.