Sealant For All Log Joinery On Milled and Scribed Log Homes

Perma-ChinkPerma-ChinkEnergy Seal

Energy Seal is a sealant specifically designed for milled and scribed log homes. The revolutionary product offers superior binders that are effective for all interior or exterior sealing needs.

Energy Seal Energy Seal is 100% acrylic polymer sealant formulated to provide a long-lasting and resilient barrier for any chinkless log home. Since logs constantly twist, turn, swell, expand and shrink during the life of a log home, annoying gaps can appear. These gaps promote the retention of moisture as well as seepage of air and water. Energy Seal will virtually eliminate these destructive gaps by adhering directly to the logs while eliminating any air space. This product is not affected by ultraviolet rays, is resistant to most chemicals, salt spray, mold & mildew, and has low thermal conductivity. When applied on your log home, it stops air infiltration, which increases energy efficiency.

Log homes can tend to appear darker because wood absorbs excess light. The products lightly textured design and colors reflect light to brighten and even out log wall tones, dramatically eliminating shadow lines.

Unlike commonly used caulks, which look shiny and artificial, Energy Seal is textured to match the visual characteristics of wood and look like it belongs there. It easily tools to a smooth, professional finish, virtually disappearing into the walls after it’s applied. It softens the lines on log walls and accepts the color of wood finishes. In fact, Energy Seal so closely matches your walls, most people can’t tell the seams are sealed.

Energy Seal There is nothing on the market that can beat Energy Seal’s natural appearing colors, ease of application, coverage and hiding properties: Energy Seal is the only product created for the unique sealant needs of the milled log home.

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