About Us

Log Home ArchwayI’m sure some have wondered who and what is behind LogHomeLinks.com; is this just some marketing company out to make a buck on the internet or do they really know anything about log homes?

My name is Ron Gibson and I started working in the log home industry in 1986 as a log peeler for Montana Log Homes, a quality handcrafted log home company in Kalispell, Montana. My wife Lisa and I had relocated from southern Texas to get back to a more relaxed outdoor-oriented lifestyle, we really missed the mountains!

elkhuntAfter peeling for several months I was able to train as a builder and learned to perfect my skills until eventually working my way up to crew boss. The skills I enjoyed the most were scribing and sawing arched doorways. I took a lot of pride in my work and enjoyed seeing a beautiful home develop out of a pile of logs. I had never been seriously injured in all the years I had worked there. That all changed in September 1996. While standing on a ¾” piece of plywood over a forklift, (we put the plywood over the forks as a platform to work from) the plywood gave way and I fell about 15 feet to the ground, narrowly missing a paralyzing injury. My back was fractured in six places along with several disk problems. It took about 4 years to recover after continually reinjuring it, and now I’m pretty much fine, I can pack about 40 pounds of elk meat so I’m not completely useless yet.

keywayAfter coming to terms with the fact that I needed to have a different line of work, I tried many things ranging from commodities to log and antler lamp making. I had never turned on a computer before (at that time, computers = yuck!) and never thought I would have to, but for a guy who is no longer able to do the physical work that he’s always done, it’s a necessity in this day and age. I was teaching myself to set up a website for my antler lamps when I got the idea to do one for log homes, so LogHomeLinks.com was created in 1999.

It is truly satisfying to be able to remain in the log home industry and I am striving to make LogHomeLinks.com the most useful resource on the internet for log home enthusiasts. Our main goal is to make it easy for the consumers to find the right log home company to help them pursue their dream. We have many plans in the works to further develop the site and we are very grateful for all the support and feedback we get from our visitors. Thank you!