100s of Deck Railing Ideas and Designs

By:  Mountain Laurel Handrail

Favorite Railing Ideas

If you’re beginning your search for the perfect railing, start by getting inspired with 10 favorite deck railing ideas. You’ll find an eye-catching assortment to spark your imagination, including a unique mountain laurel branch railing, a crystal clear, frameless glass railing and a luminous slat railing that adorns a wavy walkway. These railings go beyond functional to the point of being beautiful works of art!

Wood Railing Designs

Nothing compares to the timeless and natural beauty of wood, which explains the immense popularity of wood railing designs. These images show the many amazing ways wood can be sawn, carved, formed and arranged to create incredible railing designs. All are excellent examples of fine craftsmanship, from branch artwork to fancy fretwork and everything in between.

Cable, Wire and Metal

From simple to sophisticated, cable and metal railings work well with a wide range of architectural designs. Beyond traditional metal rods, refined designs in wrought iron feature graceful scroll work intermingling with lifelike motifs and ornate accents. Sleek horizontal wire offers a low profile and minimalist style. For an ultra-modern look, metal is molded into abstract arcs and other geometrical shapes, stretching the imagination.

Stone Railing

Stone, marble, granite and precast concrete railings display a spectacular and stately appearance often associated with ancient architecture. In addition to large, expressive balusters, some stone material, such as marble, lend an elegant look to a porch or deck. Another alternative is precast concrete, which comes in several textures and can be painted to match your décor. These railings are low maintenance and long-lasting.

Glass Handrail Ideas

Glass railings provide beauty and safety to a deck without obstructing the view. While many glass panels are transparent, they still add tons of style from a design perspective. For those who like the luster of glass but desire some privacy, consider textured, frosted and etched design panels. Equally lovely, Tiffany-style stained glass railings display pretty pops of color.

Mixed Media Railing Designs

Feel free to have a little fun by mixing materials, textures and shapes in a railing to add visual interest to your deck. A few examples mix metal elements with wood to create an amazing contrast within an overall cohesive look. Another interesting combination features wrought iron panels with a circle and diamond pattern placed between granite posts. These are just a few of the many unique mixed media railing ideas here.

Railing Ideas with a Theme

Fun and novel, railings with a theme will play up your home’s appearance. Themes also enable you to express your individualistic style. Baseball fans will go wild for vintage bat balusters, while wine enthusiasts will appreciate balusters made from aged barrels. Or perhaps you have another passion that you would like to put on display. If so, these themed railing ideas offer inspiration.

This colorful visual infographic organizes railing pictures and informative captions by type of material and style to use as a quick reference. Visit awoodrailing.com/2014/11/16/100s-of-deck-railing-ideas-designs/ where you can download it as a .PDF file. You can share these ideas with your railing designer or craftsman and family and friends!

Deck Railing Ideas